Foley Hoag’s advertising and marketing legal team brings deep experience and a long, successful record to the increasingly complex legal landscape in which advertising claims are made and evaluated. Our Advertising and Marketing Practice provides a broad range of regulatory, advisory and disputes-oriented representation around the promotion of goods and services. Amid increasing regulatory and competitor scrutiny, our clients turn to us to navigate the complex legal landscape in which advertising claims are made and evaluated, relying on our sound, practical advice to achieve their marketing goals while minimizing business risk.

Our attorneys have considerable experience in all of the legal issues affecting a business’s ability to promote its offerings, including claim substantiation, Lanham Act false advertising, social media promotions, state unfair competition, First Amendment protection for commercial speech, FDA labeling rules, trademark, copyright, product disparagement, right of publicity, keyword advertising disputes, sweepstakes and contests, privacy and data security. We have represented clients in false advertising and unfair competition lawsuits, consumer class actions, disputes before the National Advertising Division and proceedings before Federal Trade Commission, Food and Drug Administration and state Attorneys General.

Let Foley Hoag help you achieve your marketing goals while minimizing your business risk when it comes to advertising and marketing law.



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