Watch Now: Advertising Best Practices for the Generalist In-House Counsel

Advertising can take many forms, including statements about a company’s products on websites and social media platforms. A wrong step can result in serious consequences, including legal challenges from competitors, consumers, the Federal Trade Commission, and other regulatory agencies.

In this 60-minute webinar, designed exclusively for in-house counsel, you will learn how you can protect your company against legal challenges based on its advertising practices. You will also learn what options are available if your competitors are making false or misleading statements in their advertisements. We will use real-life false-advertising cases litigated over the past few years to illustrate the successful and unsuccessful claims and defenses and to inform webinar attendees of the currently active areas of advertising litigation. We will also forecast the consequences of the new federal government administration for false-advertising enforcement.



  • Natasha Reed, Partner, Co-Chair, Trademark, Copyright & Unfair Competition Practice, Foley Hoag LLP

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